Onsite Parking


Please be aware that a charge for onsite parking on our site in Raven Row, Whitechapel has come into effect from Friday, 30th September 2016.

The charges are as follows:

£1.50 per hour
£2.00 flat rate after 5pm (Monday - Friday)
£9.00 per full day
£5.00 per full day (Weekends)

Motorcycles and push bikes are free of charge as long they are not obstructing a car bay or preventing cars from parking.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. The benefit of this is that car parking will be controlled, and safer for all those that choose to use the service.


You can pay for your parking directly on the JustPark website, by clicking on the link below:



1. Why has a parking charge been introduced?

A charge has now been applied as the management of the parking has been taken over by a 3rd party parking company called JustPark. This is to help provide a better and safer service for all that choose to use the parking.

2. When does the paid car park come into effect?

It comes into effect on Friday, 30th September 2016.

3. Will the car park be free in the evening?

Unfortunately not, but Play On customers will receive the discounted rate of just paying £2.00 for the evening from 5pm until closing time.

There are free parking spaces around the immediate local area that are free and can be used if the option of parking on the site is not taken. They are on a first come, first served basis.

4. Will players get any exemption or reduction in cost with regards to parking fees?

Play On customers will receive the discounted rate of just paying £2.00 for the evening from 5pm until closing time.

5. Will fixture costs be reduced to allow for the additional parking costs?

Unfortunately not. However, our business has not increased the prices of our leagues for many years now, so think our rates are very very reasonable already and hope that our customers can recognise this fact and our fairness to our customers.

6. Why was there no client consultation before this was introduced?

It was not necessary for consultancy as the decision was an internal business decision. To be fair to our customers we have introduced a 'cooling period' in order to notify any customers and get everyone used to the new parking arrangement.

7. Why wasn't this made public BEFORE teams were asked to sign up to the new leagues?

No matter when the new parking arrangements introduced it would always effect any current or new league. Our leagues for different sports have different start and completion dates so there is never an avoidable period between any league. It has been introduced on the 30th September, and we have taken the necessary steps to advise and warn customers of the changes.

8. Will the parking fee be relaxed during tournament days or any other all day sporting event?

No, but there will be reduced rates on the weekends, for all day parking, as we recognise that the weekends can be tournament days.

9. I park at Play On in the morning on match days, particularly if I have a 6.30pm game. Will I be able to continue doing this for free?

Unfortunately not. If you are intending to park your car all day here it will be chargeable at the daily rate.

10. People in my team are very concerned about this and even saying that they now cannot commit to the new season!

Unfortunately we are aware that some may be unhappy with the changes and appreciate that this has affected some customers adversely.

We have endeavoured to minimise the negative effect as much as possible and there are benefits to the new service, such as in answer to question 1.